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Welcome to the Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library ("Friends") website. The purpose of this website is to provide information about the Friends, activities sponsored, and encourage the public to help the Friends enhance the Eastern Shore Public Library (ESPL) in Accomac, VA,

There are several ways you can help the ESPL:

Join the Friends of the Eastern Shore Public Library to actively support and promote your library.

Help focus public attention on the services, facilities and needs of your library.

Volunteer your time, your money and your expertise to your library.

Support your library by purchasing a book from the library's wish list or through the BE FIRST program, or purchase a calendar, book tote or used book.





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News and events

!!!Firecracker Book Sale!!!

Thurs July 4th 9am to 12 noon

Join the fun at our annual Friends of the Library Book Sale 9am to 12:00pm on Thursday July 4th. This is our major fund-raiser so come and browse our great selection of books, and enjoy some free refreshments. Books will be priced from 50 cents to $2.00. We will be selling our popular Book Bags at a discount, or buy $20 of books and get one free! Either way they are perfect for carrying away your books and use later for your groceries. Buy extras as gifts. Free coloring books, pens, pencils and pads. Come and watch the Accomac Independence Day Parade from under the trees outside the Library!

If you have any books that are in pristine condition, we will gladly take them at this time. We do need children's books for all ages as this event is very popular with children after the Accomac Parade.

Donation for Large Print Books

Picture of Friends involved with large print books
This year the Friends decided to donate funds for the Large Print book collection at Accomac Library. This is a very popular category but the books generally cost about 50% more than a standard hardcover or softcover. The money will help increase this collection and also release funds to cover other areas that need attention. Look for our Friends bookplate in the front of new Large Print books as they arrive.

Renew your Membership now for 2019-2020 and get an extra month

Membership calendar year is July1st to June 30th so renew now for 2019 thru 2020. Thank you to everyone who renewed in 2018-2019.

Complete the form included in this newsletter (Join the Friends) then bring it with you to a Book Sale and get a free tote bag. Return it by mail to: Friends of ESPL, P.O. Box 218, Accomac, VA 23301 along with your donation.

Help Accomac Library by Volunteering

If you'd like to donate some time and energy to your local library, we'd love to hear from you! Contact Colette Nelson at or 787-1518.

Checkout Facebook on for up to the minute news.

Latest Accomplishments - making access to the Library easier.

Picture of powered door opener.

Easier access for everyone to everything our Library can offer. - Automatic doors were installed to make access to the Accomac Library easier for everyone. It is amazing how many people use the button! Patrons with armfuls of books were using their elbow, small children were asking if it was their turn to open the door, other patrons were using it to help elderly folks come in and out, as well as people on crutches, walkers, canes and in wheelchairs.

E-books. - You can now download e-books and audio books from the Libraries website. The Friends recently gave a donation to the ESPL to help underwrite the cost of the E-Books subscription and equipment. This is an expensive undertaking but was in demand from many patrons so the Trustees of the Library authorized the subscription. Go to to find out more or call (757) 787-3400.

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