Daily Grind

Daily Grind playing a party Summer 1994 Somewhare in Massachusetts

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I joined this young 4-piece band in early Summer of 1994 right after their release of the single "Down And Twisted" which received airplay on WJUL-Lowell (now WUML-Lowell) and their bassist left. We had Scot on lead guitar, Greg on lead vocal and rythum guitar, Bill on drums, and me on bass.

We had a good mix of traditional electric blues and R∧B songs and in two mounts were were doing shows, Starting at Blind Willy's then doing a series of shows at Sharky's, both in Nashua, NH and also playing an outdoor show in Lowell, MA. In early January 1995, we were slated to play a couple of sets on the Blues Deluxe show but Scot left the band about 2 weeks before the show and that was the end of that band. Despite the short lifespan, Daily Grid had a tight feel and had a bit of a following. It was a good experience.


Sharkys 10.20.1994 Set 1
Sharkys 10.20.1994 Set 2
Sharkys 10.20.1994 Set 3

Live show at Sharkys in Nashua, NH on 10.20.1994 recorded on a cassette deck with high impedence vocal mics (all I had at the time).

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