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Musical Interests

Blues is my primary musical interest not only for itself but as a basis of so much great music.  Its simple but powerful structures, down to earth stories, and paticaptory nature makes it a true people's music.  I also very much enjoy R&B music, folk, and alternative pop music as well as writing original material.

I am primarly an electric bass player but also enjoy rythum guitar, singing (I said I enjoy it, others may not!), and a little organ.  My dream is to gig as a B3 player!

Favorite Artists

Paul Butterfield, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, Wilson Picket, The Rascals, The Association, Cream, Who, Blues Breakers, Indigo Girls, Letters to Cleo, Buddy Rich, Robert Cray, Midnight Oil, The Church and many others.

More current artist I enjoy are Missing Souls (France),Roosevelt (US), War on Drugs (US), The Beths (NZ), Squire (UK), The Past Tense (UK), Bobkat '65 (Spain), Shopping (UK) and many others. I try to discover newer bands to enjoy.


I started music late in life and have been playing in a verity of situations since 1992.  I started out playing Bob Dylan songs on acoustic guitar then studied part-time with two semester long series of private lessons on jazz guitar.  I greatly disappointed my instructor as far as being the next Joe Pass, but the theory learned has been invaluable.

My first band was a bassist in a 10 piece soul/R&B band in the Commitments style called Soul Struck then as a guitarist then bassist of a mostly original alternative pop band called The Next in which I started writing original material.  Then on to my first blues band The Daily Grind which gigged a bit and generally had fun. 

After this I moved on to a New Hampshire rock/R&B band called Rattlesnake Shake which did some gigging in various places in New Hampshire and the White Mountains. 

From here I started gigging much more with various blues and R&B bands beginning with The Rampage Trio which gigged all over northeastern Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire then moving to The Charlie Dee Blues Band which introduced me to a real strong leader heavy gigging regional level blues band.   Charlie Dee was and is a regionally well known blues guitarist/vocalist.  This is also where I was recorded on a released CD Bloodshot Blue Eyes which was a recording of two live radio broadcasts from the Blues Deluxe show of WJUL (now WUML) (University of Massachusetts-Lowell) in 1997 and 1998.  Another band The Bridge was basically Charlie Dee's rhythm section backing a guitarist/vocalist that did some gigging in the Fitchburg, Massachusetts area.

While continuing with Charlie Dee I started a long term relationship with the blues band Shaky Deal which developed into a significant regional gigging blues band playing shows in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island.  We made 2 CDs Shaky Deal (1999) and Live at the Chicken Bone (2002).  My participation in this band would last until I moved to Virginia in August 2003 (which I highly regret).

Meanwhile, I was also playing bass for another 10 piece soul/R&B band Soul Out which gigged fairly often including multiple weddings which I enjoyed quite a bit.  During this time I also was doing sound work for mostly the rock band See No Evil.   For about a year, I was playing with Charlie Dee, Shaky Deal, Soul Out, doing sound work, and working 60+ hours a week as a software engineer.  It was intense but what a trip!

For more information see my individual band pages.


Musical Equipment

Basses Fender Jass Bass, Fender P-Base, Guild X-702 Bass - all 4-string

Bass Amps/Cabs Ampeg B2 head, Peavey bass tube preamp, Crest P3500 (PA head used with preamp), Randall B500 head (very old), Kustom 1X15 cab (15" EV-SRO speaker), 2 Pevey BX 1-15 cabs (used mostly for PA subs), Markbass Little Mark 250 head, Fender Rumble v2 4x10 cab, GK 1x15 Neo III cab, Peavey Nanobass head, Peavey Nitro bass head, Fender Rumble 40, Peavey Max115, Yorkville Bloc80 (most likely forgetting something).

Guitars Guild D-30 acoustic, Guild Starfire-V electric, Pevey Rapture electric - all 6 string

Guitar amps Lanley VC30 1x12 class A all-tube amp. , Fender Frontman 212R

PA Mackie 1604 with 10 pre-amp extension and Peavey MD II mixers, effects rack (2 Alesis 3630 stereo compressor/gates, Alesis Microverb, Behlinger HBQ stereo 31-band EQ, DOD 431 stereo 31-band EQ, DOD 31-band EQ), QSC MX1500 power amp, and Crest 3500 power amp.

Keyboards Roland X-10 keyboard.

Past Bands

Soul Struck (R&B/Soul)>, The Next (Original alt. pop), The Daily Grind (Blues, R&B), The Rampage Trio (R&B, Blues), Rattlesnake Shake (R&B, Rock), The Charlie Dee Blues Band (Blues), >Shaky Deal ( Blues/R&B), Pentamerous (Rock/Blues), Maltacoustic (Semi-acoustic Pop), Skippy and the Pistons (Horn-based R&B)

Day Job

I am a retired software engineer and university instructor. Music is now my full-time occupation.


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