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Here is a list and brief description of the bands I have played with in the past.  Each one of these was a unique experience and I am forever indebted for the members of these bands for allowing me to create good music with them.  They all contributed to my musical and life growth.

Soul Struck

1992-1993:  My first band.  This was a 10 piece R&B consisting of 1 outstanding (if unstable) male vocalist, 3 female vocalists, two guitarists, me on bass, drummer, sax/flute player, and keyboard vocalist.  Think The Commitments in almost every aspect.

The Next

1993-1995:  First joined as a guitarist but after the bassist left (wife left him with 4 kids and got laid off from Digital in the same week!) I took over at bass and we stayed as a trio.   Dirk Fredrick is one of the most innovative musicians/song writers I know and inspired me to start writing music.  We were playing heavy versions of old classic covers way before Van Halen.  Dirk's song Feels Like Summer should have been a hit single.

Daily Grind

1994-1995:  I joined this very young 4 piece blues band after their bassist left.  This was a very talented group of guys.  We mostly played blues and R&B but also through in a bit of rock every now and then.  Broke up right before a live recorded radio show on WJUL.   Bummer!

Rattlesnake Shake

1995-1996: I joined this 5 piece R&B/rock band as a bassist.  They were based in New Hampshire and we did some gigging there including a live radio/snowmobile ride-in event which was a trip.

The Rampage Trio

1996-1997: I joined this long established trio as a bassist.  The leader Brian is also the owner and editor of Metronome Magazine

The Charlie Dee Blues Band

1997-2001: I attended Charlie's blues jams in Fitchburg, Massachusetts for about a year when their bassist left and I was asked to join.  This is where I got my major introduction to being a gigging musician and it was great!  This was a true regional gigging band and a very talented one.  The first time I was recorded on a released CD with this band (Bloodshot Blue Eyes 1998).  I am forever indebted to Charlie for this experience.

The band The Bridge was Charlie Dee's rhythm section backing a guitarist/vocalist named Andy and did some gigging in the Fitchburg, Massachusetts area.  This was a fun side project.

Soul'd Out

1998-1999: In many ways this was a second version of Soul Struck even though none of that band's members were left but it was formed by the same person playing basically the same music.  This band was a lot of fun but had strains keeping 10 people involved who had busy home and work lives, mine included.  My divorce put massive strain on me during this time to the point that I could not continue.  These were very nice fun people.

Shaky Deal

1996-2003: This was my last band in Massachusetts and such a good one!  This band was a long project started by Jim (the guitarist) and Nick (the drummer).  Most of the time we were a 5 piece group with a short time as a 4-piece.  We had a great female vocalist named Nat Marsh which the crowds loved.  We played many great shows including the Original House of Blues in Cambridge, Massachusetts and clubs from New Hampshire to Rhode Island.  The music was blues and R&B.


2018-2020: Pentamerous was an electric rock/blues 5-piece band based out of Troy, NY. It is now a much better 4-piece rock/pop/blues band still based in Troy NY. We will be coming out soon with a new name and material. Stand by!

Some historical video of Pentamerous is available at the Pentamerous website .  


Maltacoustic started out as a 4-piece electric rock/pop band but turned semi-acoustic mostly pop band after unable to replace our 4th member. Currently performs fairly often mostly north of Albany, NY. For more information, see the Facebook page . Note I can not see or control the content of the Facebook page since I do not have a Facebook account.  
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