Rampage Trio

The Rampage Trio playing the Tki Lau in Westford, MA I think 1996

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The Rampage Trio was a blues/rock band fronted by Brian Owens, publisher of the Metronome. The drummer, Mike, had the most solid kick I have experienced.

My time with the Rampage Trio was short. It was as I term, a very strong front-man blues band arrangement. One time I got a new Eden combo amp to play some of the small places we did, one of which was Stormy Monday's in Merrimac, NH, a very nice but very small blues club. I was having trouble getting the volume I wanted out of the amp and Brian had a raging fit. It was at that point I know I could not work in this arrangement and left the band.

Because I felt I could not do anything without permission, I never attempted to record any of our shows.


No known recording of me playing with this band.

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