The Next

The Next at The Attic in Newton Center, MA 1994.

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The Next was a four-piece band I initially joined as a rhythm guitar player. However about two weeks in, the bassist's wife left him with four kids and got laid-off from his job in the same week! At this point we bacame a three-piece with me on bass. The Next consisted of Dirk Friedrich on guitar, Chuck Musson on drums, and me on bass. We wrote a significant number of original songs and produced some interesting covers ranging from Tribe's (Excellent Boston, MA band) Abort to Drifters Under The Boardwalk

The Next only played live four times I can remember. Dirk was a bit reluctant and after a disastrous open mic performance at the Sit'N Bull tavern in Maynard, MA I think in 1993 (the video was accidentally destroyed honest!) but Dirk, I have just discovered a cassette of the audio I must have made before the video was destroyed.) the will to do live shows diminished significantly. Still The Next did do some interesting recordings on Dirk's Fostex 4-track cassette recorder using two cheep high-impedance Radio Shack mics. One of Dirk's songs, Feels Like Summer Made it on a local compilation cassette produced by the bassist Brian Rost I think 1993. In summary, The Next was one of the most, if not the most, innovative bands I have been in. Thank you Dirk and Chuck for making it so.

Excellent news!

Dirk has posted a video based on the audio of Feels Like Summer . He did an excellent job and it is a must-see. Make sure to comment on what a great job he did.


Feels Like Summer ‐ Based off of Dirk Friedrich's song of the same name.


A Farewell to Arms ‐ Cassette release 1994 recorded at Studio B Windham, NH.
Songs: Abort (Tribe), Bload and Roses (Smitherneens), Satisfaction (Rolling Stones), Feel Like Summer (D. Freidrick), Roadrunner (Modern Lovers), Insignificant (J. Deal), Coconut Grove (D. Fridrick).

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